What to do when you have no Cardio equipment

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2020


In this isolation period we have heard from a lot of people who are struggling with their cardio


Their running, biking, x training etc


And a few have been panicking about losing their aerobic capacity without being able to get out on the streets for a run


But fear not, we have solutions my friend


And it can be done in as little as 4 mins


The name




Now originally Tabata was brought in as a different form of tempo’s during lifting, I remember it being a lot around squats


But some more explosive drills almost took it over, and if you use it smartly it can be a real boost to your heart and lungs


Exercises such as mountain climbers, squat jumps, lunge jumps, burpees and squat thrusts will really get the heart and lungs burning without having to need a massive space


A 20 sec flat out blast, followed by 10 sec rest, completed 8 times over 4 mins can have you on your knees if youre are going to your max


Obviously get yourself warm and ready before it to make sure nothing goes ping!


And other than that our Inner Circle guys have their isolation at home program, which we put into a schedule for them yesterday


As well as a brand new capacity circuit which we dropped at the weekend


If you need the help and motivation come and join in the fun


Click here https://www.cricketstrength.com/inner-circle


Lets get after it






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