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Uncategorized Jun 07, 2020

We launched the Pacelab Virtual Coach last week

A place where you can get your action and body assessed by myself and Steff and have a live zoom call for all your questions

Its a game changer my friend

Now there has been a great response to this, but also some questions

Jonny from Norfolk asked this

"Hi guys

Am thinking of getting on the Virtual Coach program, but I have a questions

Can it really change my action that much? I think there is quite a lot going on in my action so am not sure it is salvagable

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the question

In short, yep we can help

Have a look at the picture attached

Thats how much we can help

Whether it be helping to sort lateral flexion, working on hip pre turn or bracing the front leg, we have got the answers for you

If you want to be getting into it and helping your action hit the link below

Lets get after it



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