Hip pain during Cricket

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2020

Great question in this week from Coach Trevor


Its great to hear from coaches and not just players


Its the coaches who are at the coal face doing their best to help the players


Here is what he asked




Hi Dewsy


Quick question for you I am a level 2 coach and have a young talented fast bowler who comes to a session I run once a week.


He’s told me when he starts to bowl he feels pain in his hips.


Can you help for me to point him in the right direction.









Obviously this is a little but hard to give a definite answer to as there is not a lot of information to go on


But as coaches this is what the real world is like


There aren’t specialists on hand to help out all the time and send the player too


A lot of the time you need to have something on hand to help the players there and then


Now the hip pain could be a number of things


Often it can be due to either a weakness in the glutes, as janda’s cross theory tells us, or its the result of a poor movement pattern


Lets have a look at the movement problems, which a lot of time can give us the answer


If the player has poor control around the hips and glute and is unable to perform simple patterns such as hip hinge, over squat and in line lunge then it could be problematic


But a lot of the time the problem is the opposite side to the point of pain


This seems a bit backward but the opposite side to a dysfunction has to work it’s ass off to try and compensate


And guess what


It then goes bang


And we are then into the bullshit cycle of physios treating the site of pain and not looking around the body to see what is actually causing the problem


So what I would do was get him a screening done at the very outset


Without it it really would be guesswork


You can cover the basics, get mobility in the right places, stability the same and you might be able to catch the problem by doing this


It could be something as simple as strengthening the glutes


Whatever it is we can help


Our Virtual Pacelab Coach covers all bases


Getting the mobility, stability, then strength and power work that is awesome for all young players


And also Steffs expert analysis on your bowling


And all for as little as £50


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Lets get after it






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