He put on 5mph [before touching a weight]

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2020

Had a belting question in yesterday


It was on the back of my post about fitness testing and screening


May well be something you’ve been thinking as well big fella




Hey Dewsy


First up thanks so much for the great content you provide


Reading your emails has become part of my regular daily routine


I’ve got a quick question though


You spoke about fitness testing the other day, and I was wondering what were the key fitness test you would do in order to try and help me bowl faster?


I really want to nail this off season and hit next season hard








Crackin question Tim


To help improve pace my answer may well surprise you


For me one of the most crucial tests to carry out on a bowler in order to see if we can help them gain pain is the movement analysis test


There are a lot of ways to do this but I massively believe it must be done in order to help optimise the bowling action


Let me go over something simple that I’ve said a lot before


Take the thoracic spine (upper back)


Now this bad boy has an absolutely crucial role


It needs to be providing rotational and extension mobility


Both key elements for bowlers


Now if its not doing it then the knock on effect is gonna be on either the shoulder or lower back


If its the shoulder and the joint cannot move freely then power potential, and pace is gonna be hit hard


So we need to know what the movement around the shoulder is like


Last year at our first build the fast bowler seminar we had one lad who put on 5mph just from doing a month of the corrective exercises after we screened them


Read that again ^^^^^^^


5mph before touching strength training!


Man this is powerful stuff


The body tells us what we need to know, we just have to look properly


Just seeing how many press ups or how quick their sprints are wont give us that crucial information


So make sure you get a good movement screening if you do want to put on pace


Cus it’s a hell of a lot easier to build strength on a well functioning body


If you want a screening then with our 1 to 1 program we offer it as part of it


Here is the link you need https://www.cricketstrength.com/pacelab-virtual-velocity-screening


Think differently




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