Fast Bowlers Morning Prep

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2020

We have a lot of questions about how to get ready for you game


So the easiest way is to show you how I would do it for a fast bowler


Now in this instance they would be starting their game at 11am, the way our boys do a county championship game


But you can adjust accordingly


8-830am- This is the time to assess how your body and movement is and what you need to do to start feeling better.


So it maybe a long term issue you have, so something you have picked up over the last few days, but now is the time to use all different methods such as soft tissues therapy, vibration technology, mobility/stability drills etc to help with these


And doing it 3 hours before play doesn’t mess around with your body systems and switch you off, as youre not using it as direct bowling prep, more like body prep


1015- Where you start to get bowling ready


As you’ve already hit the body with what it needs to function better now you are thinking performance


And this could look different dependant on the type of bowler you are


But its all about activation and arousal, so mediballs work, tempo accelerations, jumps etc are the order of the day here, then maybe into a little game of something, and obviously bowling


11am- Play ball


If you are bowling first you should be pretty much ready


And don’t forget you can keep a mediball anywhere around the boundary to help get a little bit more activation and potentiation in


Have 3-5 mini drills you can do easy enough when the skipper says its your turn to go, and have them based on your needs


It’s a great time to not only get bowling ready but also keep drilling the things you need



Hopefully you’ve found this useful, and if you need more help then the Inner Circle is always there


Hit the link now


Lets get after it




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