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Uncategorized May 10, 2020

Foundational strength training is vital


Building the base from which to build on


Its something which gets overlooked time and time again in favour of the more funky stuff


The thing is big fella people are trying to run before walk


And putting the likelihood of getting their game and body in the position they would like in serious doubt


But we have the answer


Our new Foundation Strength Training Plan is the perfect first step into getting game ready


Whether you have played for 20 years and want something new


Or you have a youngster who wants to make the most of their ability


Maybe you’ve been struggling with injuries for years and no matter what you do they just arnt clearing up


We knoe the struggles


So the Foundational Strength plan is easy to implement and put into place


And will have you feeling as good as you ever have


You can also complete a lot of it right now from home, so by the time you get back to near playing you will be in the best place possible


And for the first month we are keeping the price at only £19.99


Hit this link for more


Lets get after it




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