Combating hip pain in fast bowlers

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020

Had a cracker of a question from Matthew in New Zealand this week


Hey Fellas

I just went through your YouTube channel and I’m loving everything.

Had my fair share of shitty trainers and coaches, but you seem very knowledgeable. 

I’ve got one question, I’m about 5 weeks into my pre season (NZ season) and my hips are getting really tight and quite sore on my take of leg, it’s holding back most of my movements. Is there anything I can do to help this?

Cheers for your time!




For you guys who are into off season training this can be pretty common


We see our quota of hip pain in players, bowlers especially, so have some pretty good things we can do to ease the problems


We attack it in a few ways (and static stretching straight to the point of pain isn’t one of them)


If the hip is in pain we have to look around the area, what is going wrong somewhere else that could be causing it


Think of an oil slick on the road, it could cause a pile up down the track but people wouldn’t just blame the cars!


So we need to understand the problem, then attack it


 First up is mobility. Can the hips move as they should? Are they blocked somewhere? Can you fully extend the hip or does the lower back take over?


This is usually where things are going wrong, the hip complex mobility drills below can sort this


Have a look here


Light traction can also help hugely


Our old exercise of the week  is a belter, very easy to set up and get going


Watch here


And are your glutes so tight that you jump out of you skin with the slightest bit of pressure?


This trigger point release taken from our OCD program will help you get back to as normal as possible


Here is the video


So here are 3 ways we would go about it


There are plenty of others (loads in our Inner Circle for those who are wanting the extra edge) but these 3 will get you going


Now to get your hands on all of our videos, and extensive video library, join our Inner Circle


It has everything you need


Take a look here


Start off doing every day and see how you go


Think differently




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