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Uncategorized May 17, 2020

Another belter of a question in on facebook last week


Someone wondering if we had stuff that could help batters as well


He is what was asked




Hi Gents.


A couple of years back I purchased a youth cricketers s&c guide from you when my lad Rhys was 15.


He is now 18 and has transferred from Middlesex Disability to Essex.


He is a LH bat, middle order. 6ft tall and about 13 stone


Do you have a S&C programme specifically for young batsman, he does a bit of keeping as well as general fielding


He also has a week throw, technique which is part of his disability with coordination


Any chance you have something that could help him during winter and pre season?








 Great question Paul


We have gone away a bit from doing positon specific plans and gone more toward the individual specific plans


So what we want to do is make the player hit their physical peak and introduce the sports specific special training into it


The structure for a batter would look the same for the first part


Iron out dysfunction, build a sound base, add some strength


Look at running efficiency, especially in terms of running between the wickets and turning etc


Then the special strength work would be putting the mediball session, and isometric work for lower body mechanics


Remember the base is very similar to the bowler, we want the braced leg getting that hip through to create the power


And bobs your uncle, you have a batters program


What we are doing is a webinar for our inner circle on the batting specific strength drills as part of their fab 4 trainings they get each month


So if youre interested in joining the inner circle have a look here



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