3 essentials for changing technique

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020

When it comes to changing bowling technique you need to be pretty clear about what you and why you want to do it


Messing around for no valid reason can cause a lot of frustration and heart ache


So here are 3 thing to consider before trying it


1- WHY?


So why do you actually want to change?


Is it purely a technical reason to try and improve pace and accuracy?


Or is it an injury prevention reason


Maybe you’ve been suffering with injuries and you see the need to change as vital for help stopping this happening


Whatever it is be clear, and trust who ever is helping you with it


2- Have you got a movement issue


This is a massive area that can lead to frustrations


If you have identified an area you want to change, lets say your back foot pre turn for knee doms, but you haven’t assessed your hip range of glute and trunk capacity for stability and strength then you could be banging your head against a wall, as until you fix the movement issue the technical will show very small progress


3- Do you know how to make the change?


It’s easy for the back of the net coaches to tell you to be taller at the crease, or use your front arm more, or get a longer bowling stride in


But have they got the tools to help you actually do it


A lot of people have no idea how to change just from being told, they don’t feel what needs to happen, so again we get the frustrations, and from both the player and the coach this time



Luckily for you we have the solution


The Pacelab Virtual coach not only covers all this for you, but puts a program in place to help you change


For some it might need a lot of work, others just some refining


But we do it for you leaving you clear in what you need to do and with the drills that help


If you need this hit the link now and pick an option https://www.cricketstrength.com/pacelab-virtual-velocity-screening


Lets get after it




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