Why we move like we do

There is a reason why we move like we do and perform a skill like fast bowling in the manner we do it.


The body doesn’t gravitate to its strength but it moves towards its weaknesses. Also known as dysfunctions


I believe there are 5 reasons why a fast bowler has the technical model they have:


Myelinated motor pattern

Fibre make up

Neuro-chemical type [Neurotype]

Training age

Muscle or Tendon driven


Ultimately, fast bowlers are built, and subsequently, developed for a particular bowling style.


Through their adolescent development, their neurons that fired together to form a particular platform of movement become wired together to make that movement more powerful in their maturity.


With my hip or knee classification, it’s more about a preferred motor pattern than exact muscle strength, which is the preference of squatting (knee) or deadlifting (hip).


This is a myelinated movement patterning, so the best way to make any real changes is to get high volume or slow-speed performance of specific movements requiring neurally “steering” of the pattern towards middle ground, but this is only helpful to a point, since an athlete must ultimately embrace their strengths to reach their highest potential.


From the time, a child starts throwing their dummy out of the pram; the processes of neurophysiology are in play.


To make a muscle work, the motor cortex of the brain initiates an electrical impulse that travels down a nerve, connects with another nerve at the spinal cord, and then activates a muscle contraction.


In a complex movement like bowling, this occurs in a series of sequenced and synergistic events known as a neuromuscular pattern.


Every delivery of a cricket ball results in one layer of myelin (insulation) on that neuromuscular pathway.


Make another delivery and you get another layer. Keep repeating it and you’ve myelinated a circuit that becomes the identity of your movement pattern.


This pattern will follow anthropometry.


Technique cannot follow a path, which isn’t stable and functional.


You cannot ask the body to do something, which it fundamentally cannot do!


Early decisions in a bowlers’ development need to be made


Assess don’t guess




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