What age should you start working on strength

Always been a contentious one this


As the usual impression of anyone starting a gym program early is pretty negative


From stunted growth to injury, you hear it all


We had this question in from a dad asking about his son


Here is what he sent us




Hi guys.


What age should a young fella start working on strength?


My young fella is 14








Ok big fella, lets dive in


As always for me starting strength work would always be down to where the person is in their movement competency


So you could have a 14 year old with no dysfunctions or movement limitations who you wouldn’t have any issue starting to strength train, or a 25 year old who cant stand on 1 leg or get anywhere near touching their toes who youd need to lay the foundations with


A lot of the under 16 year olds we have screened in the last few years have had massive movement, and postural issues, so correcting these is always where I would start


Its what we do on our online 1-1 program too, clear dysfunctions out of the way in the first month to allow us to build on strong foundations


We could be doing the best program in the world but if we are trying to do it on a player with no control of their movements it will always fall flat


Having said that there is always things we can work on strength wise


Usually a player will have a couple of movement patterns which work well, and so we can start to load them


And the correctives can be pretty challenging as well


When you have got in top of the fundamentals then starting to load in the right way wouldn’t be a problem


That base strength is a fantastic thing to have, especially for a fast bowler


When your movements are good, your stable and strong then the specific work is so much more effective


Just like the 1-1 online guys have


Have a look at this link for more https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/6-month-1-1-program/


Lets get after it




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