Training the all rounder

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Not sure what training methods to use if you’re and all rounder?


Should you lump yourself in with batters or bowlers?


Or need to do both?


We had this sort of question in from young Tom this week




Hi Ross


I play County Cricket, at under 16 age group.


Recently I have been wanting to have my own strength and conditioning programme.


Being an all-rounder I find it hard to get the right balance between batting and bowling.


I was wondering if you could help devise a suitable programme?






Ok so we are dealing with multiple angles here


First up, at 15 there is probably a big area for increasing the base level of strength, mobility and stability


So no matter what position you play in cricket, or any other sport for that matter, you have to make sure you are doing the fundamentals


So this is movement patterns, such as the squat, hip hinge, push and pull


Once you have this set then you can move on, and do it with a great deal of confidence (if you need help in this the Inner Circle is for you)


Now if you are doing a lot of other sport around the cricket, say rugby, football, hockey etc, this will help massively with your ability to increase your athletic ability, try not to just focus on a single sport too early


The question of what should an all rounder do is quite a simple one for me


When the base is set, you train like a fast bowler


That is it


You see what does a fast bowler need?


Stamina, strength, power, mobility, stability, speed


Pretty good attributes for a batter to have as well


With this new modern era of power hitting, led by Julian Wood who is doing great things, you will see more and more batters look like athletes


These guys will be strong and powerful, and have the ability to hit the ball miles


Where does the power come from?


Just like fast bowling it comes from the hips, and the hip shoulder separation


Training the hips to become explosive, and doubling up on bracing the front leg, you will be drilling the same mechanics we want for the front leg landing when bowling


And the mediballs have awesome carry overs for both batting and bowling


The mediball and mobility sessions that are in the 1-1 Plan are awesome for both batters and bowlers, so get stuck into them


When you cover all this you will be ready to bat, bowl, field and be pretty awesome


Think differently




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