The simple system to enhance Technique

For most pace bowlers this is the holy grail


Improving their technique


But unfortunately, most start attacking it from the wrong end, and get frustrated when they don’t get the results that they wish


And another issue is not really having the picture of what they want the end results to look like


A lot of bowlers don’t even know what their own action looks like


We have a lot of success on our Online 1-1 Plan with helping to improve technique


And it comes with lessening the chance of injury as well


A win win big fella


So I though id share the process I use


Step 1- Analysis


This isn’t just of the action, but of the body as well. I like to get bowling footage from the back side and front, at match intensity, but then also of how the player moves. The 2 are massively entwined, and just going down 1 route might have you miss something crucial


Step 2- Foundations


Usually there are quite a few movement dysfunctions going on, and you can see how they play out in the action. So stage one we go back in and try to reprogram how the body moves. Once we have fixed this we have a better canvas to which to work from


Our new Ultimate Mobility Plan gives you all the tools you need to assess and help fix your movement, click here to see more


Step 3- Strength


A lot of people get the impression we don’t like strength work, but buddy that couldn’t be further from the truth. What we don’t like is strength work that has no transferable capabilities. Being strong and stable is vital for bowlers so this phase, particular in those new to training, is key


Step 4- Specific


Where the magic happens. We have laid the foundations and now its time to build the house. We use all sort of different ways, including mediball, isometrics, plyometrics and power drills to build around the action, as well as bowling itself


We have to always keep in mind what we want to accomplish, which is to get that technique right, and so bowling has to be a part of it


So there it is


Obviously everyone is different so the tools I use along the way can be changed, but within the frame work


Its having some epic results with our current online 1-1 players at the moment


If its something you fancy hit this link


And we can start to get after it






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