The most dangerous phrase in cricket

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2020

Perhaps this is a misleading title


It could be the most dangerous phrase in any profession




Cus it implies a complete closed mind


An unwillingness to learn and grow


Being content with how things are, not wanting to rock the boat


The phrase?


“We have always done it like that”


Makes me shiver just saying it


As soon as someone utters those words you’ve got to be careful with how much time you spend with them


These are the heads in sand people, and it is more than likely that these don’t change


No matter how hard you try, what success you have, they will always be the same


And the point is to understand it when you meet these people and not get frustrated with it


If you can take the short cut to get there then all the better


Both myself and Steff have had many battles in our careers in cricket when we have brought new things in


I remember us both getting a bollocking when we did an early morning CNS activation session in the gym before a game


The coach didn’t want him doing weights before a game as he said it would impact his performance! He told us the international bowlers he worked with never did it


2 weeks later I got pulled in for a roasting because id took a mediball around the boundary for Steff to warm up before his second spell!


Apparently it’s not what bowlers should be doing (although he got 4 for spit!)


You should’ve seen the look I got from a couple of support staff members when I had players pushing a car and contrast sprinting, you would’ve thought I was hacking their legs off with a pick axe


You need a thick skin to get through things like this, and trust what you are doing is the right thing


You probably know what that feels like right?


You have followed us, brought a program, got yourself a mediball and take yourself off pre game to get prepped in the best way possible


And everyone’s looking at you, telling you not to waste your time, that it wont make a difference to your game


That’s when you need to be single minded, know your goal that you want to get to and ignore them


Hell, a lot of the time they are just jealous cus either they didn’t think of it first, or they are just too damn lazy to do it themselves


So if you find yourself doing something that no one else is doing, and you feel you’re on the right path, stick with it


If you’re sick of warm ups and feel they don’t cover all your needs your probably need to be working on mobility instead of bullshit stretches


If that’s the case then the Inner Circle, and the programs it contains, are just what you need


Get it here and join the other players who have benefitted massively from it


And if someone says we’ve never done that before, tell them exactly why they should


Think differently





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