The 2 reasons behind every exercise

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2020

Quite a simple one this


There should be 2 primary reasons behind any exercise or drill you are doing in your plan


(Hopefully you’re following a plan!)


And they are


1- To improve your game


2- To lessen the chance of injury


If you cant answer yes to these then you might need to get rid of the exercise


Or maybe the whole program


And before anyone says what about the aspects of fitness like speed, endurance, strength etc then they fall into one of the 2 reasons


Maybe even both


Now we get quite a few people message us about those 2 areas


And when we dive deeper what we find is that the program they are either following for fitness, or their bowling plan, are actually taking them further away from where they want to be


Often by a long way


And you feel for them cus often they are putting everything into what they are doing and the results don’t reflect their work


The fact is that there should be really be 2 different programs to separate bowling and fitness, the 2 are so closely linked that the plan should be as well


And that is why we have started the Virtual Coach Plan


Your chance to get your body and game assessed by Steff and myself, and not only that, have a program planned and 1-1 online chat with us as well, as we take you through where you currently are, and what the program we are giving you looks like


And why it looks like it does


We don’t leave you with nay unanswered questions


If you feel like this is exactly what you game needs then hit the link below now to get your journey started


And let me tell you, having been on a couple calls already, the information you will get is top draw, Steff doesn’t hold back with his knowledge


We are 2 spots left for this week so get on it quick


Lets get after it









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