How long should you rest a shoulder injury

The shoulder is a pretty complex bit of kit


The function that it does in cricket is massive so we have to give it a lot of TLC


But what I see at the moment is too aggressive (lots of overhead pressing) during training and too passive during rehab


Which is reflected on the question we got sent this week


This is what we got asked




Hi, hope you're well.


Love your work!


Please could you maybe advise me on a shoulder issue I've had.


I've hurt my rotator cuff and therefore can't bowl (or bat for that matter) and I was told to just rest it.


But it's been a few months and I still can't play.


Any advice you could maybe give me to heal, and strengthen my shoulder, specifically the muscles around the rotator cuff?


Sorry for the long message and thanks in advance if you get the chance to reply






The rotator cuff is made up of 4 small muscles which help the shoulder stability, in particular with deceleration, which is crucial with throwing, bowling and batting


Now where they sit, especially the supraspinatus, is a very small groove, so when the shoulder function is out that space decreases and the impingement happens, and it can be really tough to get rid of


A lot of the time when you look at a shoulder with issues you see the scapula not working well and a jacked up thoracic spine (upper back)


So for me with the shoulder this is wher I would start, instead of doing nothing


Unfortunately, what you normally see if physios giving out banded external rotation drills which don’t give that supraspinatus what it need, and can exacerbate the issue


We have a few ‘shoulder’ programs in the inner circle which focus on thoracic rotation and scapula upward rotation, as well as working on postural drills which are crucial to helped the slumped shoulders


Hit this link now and have access to all those drills and programs


Lets get after it




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