Should Bowlers Olympic lift, the experts opinion

Uncategorized May 13, 2020

Lot of people ask about Olympic lifting and whether we use it with our bowlers


The short answer is on the whole no, we don’t


And we get a bit of shit about this


You see a lot of people are so stuck on Olympic lifting that they can’t see passed it, and think it’s the only way to develop power in bowlers


Which is crazy


I got the opportunity to ask Eric Cressey, the leading Baseball Strength & Conditioning trainer in the world, about whether he uses the Olympic lift with his pitchers


This was his response



Pretty easy question, we don’t do any Olympic lifting with our pitchers


Its not to say they aren’t good it just with this population we don’t apply them in terms of elbow and wrist stress its not worth the risk


The carry over isn’t nearly as good as transverse and frontal power initiative like throwing and hitting


From a training economy standpoint there are better ways to get the job done to increase power


Its something we feel is not the best use of our time



Pretty much sums it up nicely


Its not to say the Olympic lifts are bad, but you’ve got to put the athlete and their needs with the exercise


Not shoe horn in the exercises you like to the athlete


Think about the actual planes the fast bowler needs to move in


Transverse and frontal mainly, you need to be able to access all your rotational power and get everything moving forward


Not straight up and down


Does this mean I would never use them with any player?


Not necessarily


But there would have to be a good reason to put them in


For me the mediball work and landmine derivatives are fantastic for taking the strength and stability we build up and transferring into power, with the end goal of actually making you faster


Not just upping the gym numbers


Its why in our 1 to 1 online training we stick to the things that you can pick up the quickest and will carry over the most


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