Should both sides be the same?

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2020

Had a belting question in yesterday from Alex


He got a copy of the Ultimate Mobility Plan and has been working through it


After going through the assessments on it he had some questions


Here is what he asked us



Hi Ross,


I bought the ultimate cricket mobility program a few weeks ago, I think the assessment drills are fantastic.


I've been following your stuff for a long time and it's made such a difference being able to quantify where I am with my mobility rather than relying on feel and guesswork.


It's shown I have quite a large imbalance between left and right hips & glutes, which ties in to the feeling I have that I don't move as well to one side when I'm keeping.


You talk a lot about fixing imbalances, and I completely understand why it's important, but I'm not quite sure how best to do it.


Should I only do basic correctives on the weaker side until the two sides are equal and then work both sides the same, or is it OK to work on both sides at the same time, maybe doing a 2:1 ratio of sets on the weaker side?


Or is there a better way entirely?








What a fantastic question


First up well done for taking the time to do the assessments, most people want to jump straight into the drills without knowing what it is they need to major on


So many end up with left / right imbalance, but it is important to keep working both sides, and not try to do extra on the side side


And here is why


A lot of the time what we find is that the issue isnt a muscular issue, its more a neuromuscular coordination and timing issue


We talk a lot about the kinetic chain and slings, and making sure they are working well all the way through


Well this is similar


You find a lot of time what is happening is that there is a disconnect between the brain and the movement, or more specifically the muscles that we want to be the prime movers of that movement


So in essence what we are trying to do is fix the connection, almost like an electric current


And then when we switch the light on (try to do the movement) the chain is complete and the muscle that we want to be doing the work can do it without impairment


We then keep working both the same


Remember also that there will be some functional asymmetry in fast bowlers, just because of the nature of the sport


What we must try to do is even this out as much as possible, but not getting worried if we dont see it as 50/50 in both sides of the body


Lets get after it




p.s. here is a link to the Ultimate Mobility Plan if you want to be hitting your dysfunctions



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