Rehabbing the Ankles

Uncategorized May 03, 2020

Had a great Facebook Q&A the other night


One of the questions that cam up is quite a common one


How can I look after my ankles


Now we know from fast bowler that the ankles get an absolute pounding


And we don’t show them a hell of a lot of love


Hell most of the time we just shove a bandage or tubigrip on them and hope that they stop hurting


We know now that if the ankles or hurting then we need to find out why


It might be straightforward and you have just rolled it in a divet.


Or you may have a fault in your action, or have a dropped heel arch


Maybe a lack of mobility in the ankle or hip, or stability in the knee


Or the opposite side is struggling and that ankle is taking the brunt


Hell there a loads of reasons


But there are no reason not to give them a bit of love


So I’ve made a ankle rehab video


But you don’t have to wait till and injury to take care of them, make it part of your weeks work to help prevent an injury


I’ve made it from the very start of rehab to more plyometric work when you are nearing a come back


Now its gone live on the members area but have a little preview of it here


----->>>>>   <<<<---------


It might just help keep you on the park


To get full access to this and all the other videos, programs, podcasts and webinars then join up today, for less than a cup of coffee per week!


You will love it


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