Not the way to rehab

Uncategorized May 08, 2020

Had this question in last week


And it got me pretty mad that someone can be mismanaged so badly


Hope we have the time to help put this right


Here is what we were asked




Hey Ross,


Hope your well.


I have had two months since I finished my Australian season in Sydney Premier Cricket.


I ended the season with a grade two pectoral tear and have done exercises assigned by my physio every day since then which include band work, hold push ups and circular arm swings.


I had trouble with this from Christmas and tried to restart but it didn't work out and called time on the season.


Can you give me any ideas to bullet proof myself for a late September start for next season?


I didn't do it completely again when I came back in March but I set it back maybe the equivalent of three or four weeks I imagine.


I didn't get any pain again after about the three week mark of rehab starting again so it's just purely when bowling.


Hopefully I can get into a proper gym program soon.


Anyway hopefully you can help.








OK here we go


First up a pec tear is a pretty big red flag, as they aren’t common


What you need with the whole upper complex, im talking pec, shoulder, scaps, thoracic, is for them to all be working together


A pec tear means the balance just isnt there, and so with the force of bowling and the big stress position it gets into it was the last straw and ping, out for 3 months


You need a movement assessment as well as a bowling assessment to understand exactly where you are before knowing the best course of action to have u fit for September


Then we look at the rehab you were given


And its bog standard shoulder advice, which doesn’t take into account the stress of bowling


Just look at the position of the shoulder on front foot contact (FFC) compared to where it is in hold push ups and band work. The arm swings are so far off getting the kinetic chain working to take pressure off the shoulder.


You need to ask why every time you’re given an exercise, is it gonna help your body recover and not only that, but thrive


Also if you’re not looking at the whole picture you could be missing some big deficits in trunk, glute and hip which hit harder higher up


Get assessed for everything, then plan for specifics and you can look forward to a better season


And if you need more help come join us in the inner circle here


Lets get after it





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