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Uncategorized May 15, 2020

We had to do something yesterday that we have not done for a while


Refund and kick someone out of the Inner Circle


The reason we started the Inner Circle was simple


We wanted a place where we could house a lot of our information in an affordable way that wouldn’t exclude anyone


And we have made it pretty simple to


On joining you have 3 video to watch first, the first on Hip or Knee dom, then on understanding what sort of athlete you are, and the last on discovering and curing your dysfunctions


From there it’s a process of putting the right program to the type of athlete and player you are


So 1 might be a hip dom who needs strength, and another might be a knee dom who needs to create more elastic energy, so we cater for everyone


And of course we have normal strength plans as well as recovery, prehab, power, rehab etc


Now there is no long term commitment, you can just be in for a month, digest all the info, download the programs, then go


But we like to think once you see all the amazing things in there, and the new content we bring every month you cant get enough (especially the new seminar series from Steff about Pacelab Education)


But this guy took the biscuit. He cancelled 10 mins after joining which was a red flag straight away, we knew he was just in to drain it for a month, that’s not planning for long term success


Then he continued to be extraordinarily lazy


Instead of watching the first 3 videos and getting his plan together he just asked questions


On the private FB group he wouldn’t search for anything, or actually read, just want to be taken straight to what he wanted (there is a search bar for a reason!)


He even complained to us that he couldn’t bowl because of lockdown! Now I like to think we are pretty good at our jobs but lifting lockdown isnt in our wheel house!


See we don’t mind answering questions, but the Inner Circle isnt about spoon feeding, no on learns that way, it’s a global cricket community based on growth and understanding, and those who do want spoon feeding everything don’t succeed


The final straw was after asking 10 more questions, all of which he would’ve known the answer to in the members page if he had taken the time to go through it, I discovered after 2 weeks he hadn’t even downloaded any program to follow


No at home plan which anyone can do, no mobility plan, nothing


So I told him he wasn’t the right fit for us, refunded and chucked him out


We haven’t got the time or energy for people who wont but a bit of effort in themselves


And its not about money for us, if it was for the information we put in the Inner Circle we could charge way more than £10 a month


We want the right people in there, intent on learning together and growth


If that’s you come join us now here


We look forward to seeing you in there


Lets get after it






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