Is this you?

Uncategorized May 06, 2020

I did a Q&A on Instagram at the weekend

And it was quite illuminating

And frustrating

We talk a lot about the need to make sure you understand what you are doing with your training, not trying to skip steps

And we pride ourselves that we put a hell of a lot of free content out there to try and help as many players, and coaches, as possible

But a lot of the questions were lazy

The times we have said dont look for the magic pill to bowling, the 1 exercises which is going to suddenly cure everything, we'd hoped the message had got through

Apparently not

id say 60% of the questions were either whats the best exercise for bowling, or questions which had been posted in the instagram account already

Now something we see is a correlation between people who dont do their research and those who dont do the work needed, they always take short cuts

Is this you?

If so you're headed for disappointment 

Those who succeed understand and respect the process

Step 1- Assess and plan for movement

Absolutely crucial to get this right or the next stages wont get near to where you need

Step 2- Build useable strength

Not just the bog standard gym work you see every day, but creating the right environment to be robust for the game and demands upon it

Step 3- Specifics

Once, and only once, the first 2 stages are set we can get really specific and see real changes

Now all 3 stages will look different depending on what sort of movement dysfunctions, bowling type and athletic type you are

So the most vital exercises for 1 player could be completely different to another

Dont look for the easy way, look for the best way

And if u need help we are in the Inner Circle to do that

Join here

Lets get after it




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