Is mobility bad for you

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2020

Had a good question in from Trevor last week


And it was about mobility


Now mobility is something we obviously value, but in a certain way


Here is what we got asked




Hi Guys


Im interested in purchasing the Ultimate Mobility Plan


But the issue I have is that I’ve read stretching before training or bowling isnt good for you and can lead to losing power


I suffer with a bad back so I think it’ll do me good but im worried my bowling might suffer


Thanks for taking the time to read this






Great question


And to be honest it is probably something that should be made clearer


Ill answer in 2 points


The first is that yep, doing some static stretching before a power exercises like bowling has been shown to lead to a decrease in power in some cases


But, and this is the kicker


Mobility isnt stretching


Far from it


To be honest id take out the words stability and mobility and lump them all has movement


As you need the right balance between the 2 to function as you want, and should


The mobility plan is about finding out what your issues are, and addressing them

Taking you through simple assessments to do at home which show you where your issues are, then giving you the motor control exercises that help to correct them


The brain needs to understand what you are trying to do, which is why we keep away from just sitting there stretching


We are trying to restore full movement and control, not put strain on a muscle which is already tight


A lot of the issues we see are from people doing that, feeling a tight hammy then stretching it till they cant anymore, and being surprised when it doesn’t get better


Once you understand how to assess yourself you have a blue print for staying health and on the park, when we can get back on it!


Hit this link to find out more


Or join us in the Inner Circle where Steffan and Myself are doing a live Q&A tomorrow at 5pm GMT


Here is the link for that


Lets get after it






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