Ideal during lockdown

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2020

Obviously no one is massively happy to be in lockdown and the current situation in the world

But there is something ive made a point of doing which I usually avoid

Which is crazy really because I know how good it is for me

And that soft tissue work

The self massage that we do with foam rollers, or therapy balls, or the new wave of vibration technology

My big problem area is my lower back, so I've been combining using gut smashing with getting the Pulseroll therapy gun into my hip flexors, quads and ITB 

I just spend 20 mins doing this in the evening before bed, keeping it separate from training, and it helps to relax the body and 'I've been finding myself both sleep better and wake up with less soreness

Take the time at the moment to hit your problem areas, get yourself in the best place possible for when you get get back onto the pitch

And as a Inner Circle member you get a 20% off code with Pulseroll, as well as all the soft tissue programs you need, whatever area is you issue

Hit this link now

Lets get after it



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