How to tell if you have a hamstring injury [not as simple as you think]

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2020

Had another happy moment last week


They seem to be coming pretty often at the moment which is awesome


A friend contacted me because she has been having massive hamstring injury issues and had been unable to do any training on it despite have a lot of physio treatment


This seemed pretty odd to me as she is an ex gymnast and PT, so she has excellent athletic ability, and ridiculous mobility


So I struggled to see how her Hammy could be troubling her so much


One of the key things she said to me was that she rested for 6 weeks and its still there


Now here is a big clue


If you rest what you think is a muscle injury for a long time and it doesn’t get better then that’s probably not the issue big fella


Before seeing her I gave her a couple of isometric drills to work on and see if they helped


These weren’t isolation drills for the hammy but made it work as part of an overall chain


When she came in she said that they had helped and she had started to back into some light strength work


What I went to first up was to check her range and how her trunk was working to help movement


She had great range, but her trunk was asleep


It didn’t want to know


As soon as we loaded it up guess what?


The pain in the hamstring went


Her whole issue was her trunk was not working to help everything else move, and her hammy was taking a battering


Luckily because of her fitness and athleticism it was able to cope to a degree until it simple had enough


This was the message she put on her Instagram a couple days later after id set her a new routine




Today is a very good day.


Today I finally felt like my hamstring was in a fit state to get back to business and actually lift some heavy sh*t 🍑💪🏼


Considering my whole business started because I loved training my peach so much & having had to take 6-8weeks off training it properly made me very 😔, but today I worked on my Trunk as advised by @cricketstrength & then my Glutes & it was like all my Christmas’s came at once! 🍑🙏🏽😁




Loved reading that


Helping people get better is what we are all about


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