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Uncategorized Aug 06, 2020

Let me tell you about another of our legends over in the Inner Circle


This lad is called Johan, and he was the inspiration behind us making the stress fracture rehab program a couple of years ago, after had suffered for a couple years and no one had been able to help


You might remember us telling you of his story and how after completing the stress fracture program he has now played the last 2 years injury free


When this happens you’ve no idea how good it feels


And this isn’t about self-congratulating, im not interested in that


What makes it feel so good is knowing the pain and despair players go through with their backs, so seeing them come out the other side and being able to help with this process is totally priceless


When you hear people telling players that stress fracture are just part of being a fast bowler and to more or less get on with it, it frustrates the hell out of me


With the professional lads as much as those you just play weekends


We all love this game and want to be in it without having to deal with backs giving up


So over the last 4-6 weeks we have been uploading a lot more into the inner circle for the guys who’s season is pretty much starting


And making a Stress Fracture recovery 2.0 program


Alongside a new set of drills called the primal 5


We have been testing these with our bowlers to help out their imbalances and asymmetry, and use them to help wake up their cross sling patterns and deep neck flexors


All of which help out the inner core function, which takes the strain around the lower back (check out the full webinar in the inner circle now HERE)


Well big Johan jumped in 2 footed with these and sent across this message last week





Hi Ross


Just want to say have been doing the primal 5 so far this week can't believe how good it feels after I have done it and how long it stays that way




Short and sweet from the big fella


But it’s fantastic feedback


And I’ve been getting the same from the pro lads at Worcester


The kicker here is when he says how long it stays that way


We have all done stretches which feel good for 10 mins then the tightness returns


What we are trying to do is reprogram the body to get back to working as it should and take away that tightness


Now we know we are never gonna get rid of it completely


Fast bowling is a hell of a thing to put the body through, but if we can keep you as far away from the physio as possible, and the body feeling as good as possible, great things can happen


And when you are pain free you’ll be amazed how consistent your action will stay


If you want to have access to these programs and webinars then the Inner Circle is the place for you


Join us here now


Lets unlock your potential






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