From the ground up

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020

When asked about how I put a fast bowlers training program together I always reply with the same line


From the ground up


Its become a bit of a throw away comment but something I’ve been watching recently has really brought it home just how important this one line is when you want to positively effect a player in the long term


And it’s nothing to do with fitness


While walking my pup there is a house round the corner which started some building work back in the end of the summer


Turns out that they were having a big extension built, big extra room on bottom floor, extra bedroom on top and big new conservatory at the back


Now I haven’t the first clue about the building trade, and my DIY nouse is more exuberant than effective in any way


It’s something I leave to over people, normally ends up better than way


So I was pretty fascinated seeing the day to day workings of the guys putting this building work together, each day waiting to see the progression


Exciting life right!


Then after a couple of months I found myself getting frustrated


When I’ve got any sort of DIY job to do I work to one moto- get it done as quickly as possible


So when I saw that the building was hardly changing I got pissed off


I wanted to see the final product, what it looked like when it was finished


In my little head I was calling the builder and contractors lazy sod’s why couldn’t they crack on and get the job done, it looked like all they had to do was lay a few bricks, how hard could that be? Get it done in a day or two


Then I kicked myself


Id done exactly what I hate other people doing


I wanted them to skip the most important stage and get onto the fun stuff


How stupid that is


So many times I’ve had to reign a fast bowler in who wants to do the latest eye catching work out, when they need to make sure that their base is built solidly first


The new year is also a perfect example, people will be throwing themselves into training plans they simple aren’t ready for


And what will happen?


Without that base the structure will crumble


To you and me that’s an injury = no bowling = no wickets


So make sure you do build the base, don’t skip ahead 2 or 3 steps or it will cost you in the long run


Not sure what to do?


The let us help, virtual coach plan is available and layered to make sure you do build the base before then putting on pace


Get yours here


Think differently





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