From quitting to playing Professionals

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2020

Tuesday we brought you a story about a lad who thought he might never play again


He had a stress fracture and despite working with 3 different physios just couldn’t get over it


The poor lad thought his bowling days were number at just 18


Then he joined the online 1-1 plan when all else had failed him


Well we had an in depth chat with him about his story


Its quite something, and really moved me


You see when I was 17 and breaking into the county team I was told I had to rest because of an injury and never got back


So believe me I know the feeling


And proves there is always hope


Take a watch here


And if you are in a similar position


Whether it be your body breaking down


Or game just now improving


Then the 1 – 1 plan is here


Click this link now


See you in there




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