Form is dictated by function.

Form is dictated by function.


Bowlers have various mobility and stability issue riddled in their body.


The structure cannot have any dysfunction in a joint otherwise it will move it along to the next joint which causes injury.


These are some of the examples where dysfunction can cause problems for bowlers


- A lack of cervical mobility [neck region] in fast bowler causes them to lean over in gather and delivery which can lead to lateral flexion.


- A lack of hip internal rotation mobility will lead to an inability to pivot subconsciously on BFC Leads to a lack of hip shoulder separation/ squaring up of the hips on front foot contact which can lead to poor alignment and crossing over of the base.


However, a lack of stability issue around the hip region often masks itself in poor mobility. Often the hip creates stiffness to accommodate for the lack of stabilisation in the lateral stabilisers.


How many bowlers struggle with the side plank?


I suggest a lot.


Proximal stability creates distal mobility.


So, the deep understanding of needs is essential.


There are actually 13 technical flaws that occur due the lack of understanding on the importance of BFC pivot in the bowling action.


- Bowlers develop diagonal dysfunction where contralateral patterns become dysfunctional as they mature. Generic programmes exaggerate this dysfunction


- Lack of understanding on the bio mechanical regulatory system. Understanding fascia and the connective tissue network that holds us together.


- The under appreciation on the importance of breathing for everyday life let alone sports performance.


It’s essential that all coaches realise that dysfunction clouds the brain.


It creates blockages and make motor learning and skill acquisition extremely difficult.


Ultimately form dictates function.


A bowler cannot hold a technical efficient and effective bowling action if the body simply cannot get into the position or hold the position.


‘Form is dictated by function’.


To bowl quickly requires a larger range and the correct sequence.


Form will ultimately dictate both


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