Flat feet issues

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2020

One thing that often comes up when doing an assessment on someone is flat feet


I cant believe just how many players have these


That nice natural arch which should be present in everyones feet seem to be dying out


And we are gaining a generation of Hobbit Feet!


Had a question last week asking how to sort this out




Hi Ross, 


Long time reader and subscriber to the ocd program.  


I've been struggling with a certain issue over the last years, very flat feet! 


I am pretty sure it's Planar facitis. 


I've tried custom orthotics, shoe inserts from Amazon, and just pure rest. 


As I get older (33 now), the pain just gets worse with each match. 


Is there any strength training I can do to help support and develop the arches in my feet, especially with the muscles around the area? Is there any thing you recommend for flat feet pain!


Thank you!! Really appreciate any help I could get!






Fantastic question


And yep, there is definitely things you can do to help, although most people are too lazy


The amount of players I’ve given feet drills to do and they just don’t get how important they are


The one thing straight away I’d recommend is to do your strength training in bare feet as much as you can, and if you cant go barefeet then invest in a pair of minimus shoes which allow the feet to actually work


On top of this I’d massive recommend the feet arch program from https://www.cricketstrength.com/inner-circle(within the Inner Circle)


It’s a number of drills with the therapy balls designed to help the plantar fascia come alive and start working again


When this happens you can actually build the plantar fascia back and regain the arch


The knock on effect is better alignment all the way up the body, which is what you are crying out for


Its no surprise to see fast bowlers with flat feet normally have a knee or hip issue further up on the same side


A short term option might be an arch lift support but I’d only use it gradually and in conjunction with the therapy ball and bare feet work


The body is smart and feed it the right things and it will come back to life


To get hold of the flat feet program, as well as the rest of the injury prevention plan click here https://www.cricketstrength.com/inner-circle



Think smartly




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