Fixing lateral flexion

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2020

Another top question in today


About that common topic amongst fast bowlers, back pain


This is from Cam, lets have a look at what he asked




Hey Ross,


Love that video on back pain.


Been suffering on and off for a long time.


Have been through phases where I thought I had found the cause but then it would come back. Is this program the same as the stress factor program in the inner circle?


I never considered that the pain would be as a result of too much extension upon FFC (and of course lateral flexion).


As the pain would increase over a matter of overs, I think I would lean slightly further back and try not to flex my lumbar so much.


Can't wait to bowl a bit with that knowledge and see if that's the cause.


As well as leaning back a bit more I think I used to pull down harder to make up for the lost speed from reduced trunk flexion and that would lead to more lateral flexion (all round disaster for my back).


Apologies for the little essay. Just wanted to check whether that back program was the same as the stress fracture one as I'm looking to get this sorted and stop it flaring up when the bowling volume increases








Great questions mate


First up, yep it’s the 12 week stress reaction rehab plan we are giving away now


This is because we wanted to try and help as many fast bowlers with their recovery as possible, we have a crazy number of emails a week about this


What we have found is that cleaning up movement can help hugely with the lateral flexion aspect


And getting off that back foot too


If youre spending too long on it then the rest of the body tends to play catch up and grunt the ball down, and lateral flexion can be part of this too


So clean up the movements, build the strength and work with a good coach to help your action


Here is one of the back foot drills that Steff has been using


And then in the Inner Circle we have programs ranging from hip or knee to movement and rehab from all the common injuries


Youll also learn how to classify your action and athletic type


Everything you need to maximise your potential


Click here for that




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