Cricket is back! Are you ready?

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020

So after what seems like an eternity Cricket is back


On Wednesday the test match starts, then at the weekend recreational cricket begins again


And on 1st august hopefully county cricket will be back


The big question is..


Are you ready


Despite the trying conditions of the last few months have you used them wisely


Have you been training specifically for hitting that first game of the season of just been doing general fitness


Cus it will make a difference big fella


If you’ve been doing shoulder press, abs and biking then expect to struggle with your body as soon as youre back playing


But if your training has looked more like jumping, sprints and skill specific isometrics youll find the transition a lot more smooth


And a lot less painful as well


Over on the Inner Circle tonight we have a live chat with Steff as part of his Pacelab education series


It will all be about how to make sure youre ready for the games, and some little hacks you can use to get you set


And don’t forget as well as that you would have access to all the previous pacelab education series as well as all the programs, interviews, seminars and unique exercises that being in the Inner Circle gives you


Just hit this link now


And lets enjoy getting back to cricket together


Lets get after it




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