Crazy advice for a fast bowler

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020

Had a question come in on Instagram last week


And it drove me a bit wild big fella


Not because of the question, it was the advice he was given


And the trouble is that this advice is probably dished out to so many young fast bowlers, and people in general




Hi there, I was wondering if you could give me some advice?


I’m a fast bowler and have some sharp pains in the front of my right knee when bowling.


Physios have told me to strengthen my legs.


What sort of exercises should I be doing?


Heavy weights put extra strain on my knee






When id calmed down a bit I asked Luke if they had actually given him a diagnosis




They said my meniscus in my right knee is inflamed


The pain is when I land my back foot in load up and follow through when bowling




Ok lets get into this


The global advice of you need to strengthen the legs is ridiculous and so generic it doesn’t help anyone


Sending them away with just that is crazy


But especially when Luke had told him that heavy weights put extra strain on his knee


The body is smart, when it knows something is gonna hurt then it will try and avoid it or put you in a pattern to take the load, normally a dysfunctional one


So the strength work he has to do needs to be specific


Any knee dominant ones he will struggle with


But the big question is why he hasn’t been told the cause of it


The meniscus is an amazing bit of kit in the body, a natural shock absorber


When it gets injured its usually due to some mechanical issue, and more than likely a movement based one


So Luke needs help in the 2 areas, trying to help his knee, and getting on top of the actual issue that caused the problem


Remember the bottom up and top down approach I spoke about a few weeks ago


Now the moment issue can be fixed after a screening (we give the tools for this in the Inner Circle)


As for the strengthening its about being smart


Instead of squats go Hip Thrust


RNT lunges from bottom up and cross band glute walks would also feature


And isometric work will be crucial (as would occlusion bands if available), the co-contractions of landing as well to train patterns


So a session would look something like this


  1. A) Hip thrust


B1) RNT Lunge


B2) Isometric hamstring hold


C1) Occlusion Slide board reverse lunge


C2) Cross band glute walks


D1) Isometric Single leg bar push


D2) Farmers walk


You’d get a great all round strengthening from this


And any more help remember the Inner Circle takes you personally through every stage


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