Combining Bowling & Fitness

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2020

Its probably the trickiest part of training

Combining your bowling & fitness work to allow you to peak for game day

We've seen it go pretty wrong in the past

Some are so heavily weighted in the fitness part that the bowling gets forgotten about

And the actual gym work they are doing is not helping their game either

You know the ones, where it is just bilateral lifting in a single plane of motion and nothing else

Then come game day and they arent seeing any benefit in their bowling

And here is the big thing they get wrong big fella

They dont count bowling as part of their training

When it should be factor number 1

If thats the thing you are wanting to improve my friend

And here is another thing

Fitness and bowling can go together in the same session, and not only help your bowling, but your technique and solidifying it as well

Steff has pioneered tempo bowling and using french contrast in sessions, and when you tap into remodelling and using the body's fascia you almost hit cheat mode on getting the action, and fitness level you want

In the Inner Circle we release a 6 week back to bowling plan combining all of these things just for you

Youve got your bowling workload, fitness and specifics in there

Here is what Matt from the Inner Circle said about it

Loving this Dewsy, thank you. Perfect timing! "

If you need this to help get you ready hit this link now

Lets get after it




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