Can I bowl 140kph?

Uncategorized May 01, 2020

A question that keeps cropping up 

Im bowling at 125kph, can I bowl at 140+

And its impossible to answer for sure

There are so many things that go into it

For a start we dont know where you are at now, we you need to do physical, movement and bowling testing

Then we dont know youre attitude, whether youd be someone who would do everything we say or one that would be looking for the magic pill of 1 exercises that suddenly turns you into Mitchell Starc

There are certain things we can say

Yes you can put on pace with the right program, and work ethic

Steff made himself into a bowler who touch 90mph from one who was at low 80's before that with hard work and a lot of reading 

We have worked with numerous bowlers who have followed the programs and managed to change their actions and not only put on pace but also recovered form serious injury

So when we sort you out physically, and put in a technical change plan, you can be in a position where your pace is a lot higher

We will get you as close to your pace ceiling as possible, if you are prepared to put the work in

And we have a platform that makes it as easy as possible for everyone in the Inner Circle

We give you the tools to hit every area of your game

And extra things like interviews with top Sports Psychologists and Nutritional experts

Click here now if you want to get start

Lets get after it




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