Should you look at bowling technique when injured?

It’s an annoying injury the hamstring


Once gone it can take so long to get right


But how about when it goes multiple times?


This is what happened to our man Henry who wrote into us last week


This is what he said




Good evening.


Last season I suffered 3 hamstring strains on my left leg, one of which was a grade one which impacted on my left lateral ligament (somehow) and one grade two on my right hamstring.


It just went pop, bruised up nicely once.


Had some physio, and appears to be ok.


Will be having some more, but really need to strengthen. Is there anything I can do to improve my landing mechanics?


Is there anything you can recommend in preparation for next season?






Now first thing id say is that it’s a big concern when you get the same injury 3 times


A massive red flag


The good thing is that the worst it got was a grade 1, but it’s a concern that the lateral ligament has taken a bit of a battering


Something in the body is seriously not doing its job, and in my experience this comes out as another part, this time the hammy, having to work overtime


And then it goes ping


Id look above and below to begin with


What is your hip mobility like? Can you get to 40 degrees of internal rotation on both side?


And check the ankle dorsiflexion, see if you can get 10cm plus on the knee to wall dorsiflexion test, and be symmetrical


If both these are a no then there is the starting point


At the same time id be working hard on glute and struck stability work, as these 2 powerhouses when working well take a lot of the heavy lifting away from the hamstrings


After 6 weeks or so of this sort of work then id go back to see if there are any difference in back foot contact position, and from there make an assessment of where to go


But always take mobility and stability issues off the table first before game mechanics


All our dysfunction programs are available on the inner circle, along with lots of other programs and video series helping you to understand your body and bowling


Hit this link now


Lets get after it





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