Is dysfunction because of bowling?

Another question today


This time it came from Ryan in the Instagram universe


He has spotted something in the gym which he is a bit unsure about and has reached out for our opinion


Here is what the big fella asked




Hi Dewsy


Been doing reverse lunges up the gym and one side going back is more stable than the other.


Is this normal, is it because my left leg is used bowl on contact so is more stable?








Ok lets straight of the bat talk about symmetry in the body


As much as we would like both sides to be pretty much the same we have to accept that this by and large will not be the case


By the nature of our we move and especially the unilateral nature of a lot of sports there will be some adaptive asymmetry in our sport


But what we don’t want is the difference between left and right to be a big one


And if Ryan is actively feeling the difference in reverse lunges then you’d assume that there is quite a gap


Now whether it be because of back foot landing being more stable its hard to say


What we need to be looking for is the driver that is causing the asymmetry


And then the game activity, in this case bowling, leads into it


So for reverse lunges we would be looking at not just the hips but also the cross chain patterns, so from left leg to right arm (normal right armer bowling sling pattern) and right leg to left arm)


Something which exposes this pretty quickly is looking at rolling patterns, both with the upper body leading and lower


Its amazing how such a simple movement we lose the ability the do one side or the other


We include this as a daily movement in our Primal 5 drills, which is in our Inner Circle


Movements which make the body and brain work together to tap back into neural pathways and get them working together again


From there it’s a case of rebooting movement and seeing the progress


For more hit this link


Lets get after it





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