Attacking Injuries

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

Injuries are a pain in the ass


We know that


Nothing derails a season quicker thank picking up a crappy injury


Our mission at Cricket Strength is to minimise injuries as much as possible


Ive said many times that there has got to be a way that we can take the worst injuries, the Stress Fractures, and make them far less than there are now


Are we there yet?


Not completely but on the other hand I haven’t seen a bowler without a posture, mobility, stability, motor control issue yet


And we are not bright enough with how we are handling young bowlers through a growth spurt, and how we are loading them in patterns they cant cope with




When you have an injury we attack the issue in 2 ways


From the bottom up, and from the top down


Sound strange


Well, let me explain my friend


Lets look at the top down first


This is basically saying we have to attack the actual problem we are being presented with


If a player comes of the pitch with back pain you have to address it


Even if you think that the back is where the issue is it still needs treating, if for no other reason than the player will feel better doing it


We had a fast bowler come off this season worried about his back. Myself and Benny (the physio) spoke to him as Benny assessed him, and explained the pain was more referral than a bone issue


We then took him into to gym to show him a couple drills to help ease the pain quickly


The player was put at ease and went back out 15 mins later feeling a lot better about life, knowing there were things to do to help


But then we had to work from the bottom up


There was a reason for the injury, and it was our job to find out what it was


So the next morning we went through a movement assessment and our weekly markers with him (there is a webinar talking you through all the tests we do in the Inner Circle)


We found a couple issues he had and attacked them in his prehab and activation sessions


And got him through the next 4 weeks


If we’d just tried the band aid approach (covering the problem and hoping it goes away) we might have ended up with a very different outcome


Ill go into the band aid approach, and why you need to avoid it, very soon


But until then if you need help with your body, need programs for this winter, then the Inner Circle has it all


Join us here


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