Are you game ready

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

Hopefully the end is in sight and there might be some recreational cricket at the end of the summer


And that those who play in the southern hemisphere will have a pretty full season


Fingers crossed


So the question is..


Are you game ready


If you suddenly got told that you would have games in 3 weeks would you be pumped or suddenly get that dreaded feeling in your stomach as you know that you’ve not preprared as well as you could’ve


Maybe you had a good winter training but have fallen off with all the stuff that’s been going on, which is understandable


But do you know how to train to peak for games


Do you know the different stages you go through


How the structure and periodise your sessions and cycles to get you game ready


If you think that just doing bog standard gym work is gonna work then think again big fella


Whilst GPP has its place, you need to be smart about when you leave it behind


When you prioritise bowling as the biggest form of training


If you don’t, and start to add heavy bowling workloads on top of heavy gym workloads you might be heading for an early trip to the physio


Or burnout when you get to the season


In the Inner Circle we have a video about how to prioritise bowling, how to plan workloads, and the training that’ll support it


And we are releasing a 6 week back to game plan as well which takes you step by step to being game ready


All you need to do is click here to come and join the fun


Lets get after it, and not waste anymore time



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