How to adapt training to your nets

Great question from Steve in this week


His schedule has changed and he is wondering how to change his training around it


This is something we have to manage a lot through the season when games finish early or get rained off


You have to be able to adapt at the drop of a hat


Lets look at what the big fella asked




Hey Ross,


Firstly I am loving all the stuff you boys are sending out.


I spend my mornings on the train to work reading and taking account of how I can make myself a better bowler.


I've been working hard so far through the winter on the OCD programme, and then the strength and regeneration programme, and now am part of the way through the power factor with a day spent doing mediball and mobility work from the OCD.


However indoor nets start this Tuesday, and I would usually have my lower body session on a Monday.


I was just wondering if you had any recommendations on whether I should swap my training days around to avoid netting with sore muscles and therefore not performing to my best.


Any advice you could give would be appreciated.








Now Steve is a super smart guy


First up he’s looking after his body by using our OCD program together with the Knee dom plan from the Inner Circle. That is a pretty lethal combination for making great improvements over the winter


And hes got all the specifics he needs to be transferring the strength and mobility gained into useable cricket specific power and strength


If you’ve been smart enough to do the same youll be feeling pretty good right now


If not remember its not too late to make some great improvements


Onto the main point big fella


So Steve has been following the plan but now has had a change to his schedule with nets being on the Tuesday


And we want to make cricket your main focus now, and in doing this we do not want you to be so stiff from training that you struggle to make any decent changes to your game


So you just switch it around


Move the leg session to a day where you have a good 24-36 hours of not much after it


For example my players do it on a Friday here


But the lads who are away playing do theirs on a Monday


You can even get it done straight after your net


And also use the warm up to get another specific session, maybe a mediball and technical drill in


We like to have bowling as part of conditioning session as we have found it really helps to get the action where we want it


Just remember to keep yourself fresh so you can make the most out of every net session, bowling is as much a part of training as anything else


Let it compliment training not be a burden


Freestyle a little and see what fits best


And if you join the all new Inner Circle you’ll be able to go in armed with the brand new app too


Click here to find out more


Lets get after it








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