A Day in the life of a fast bowler

A lot of people still seemed pretty surprised that cricketers need a strength & conditioning coach


Its still perceived as the game played on the village green with cucumber sandwiches at tea


Well its moved on since then


The modern fast bowler has to be spot on in their prep to keep on top of their game and injury free


Ill take you through a day on the life here, of a fast bowler during a 4 day game


8am- Arrive and assessment with both me and the physio.


We look for anything that might have cropped up from the day before, any aches or pains or slight changes in pattern. They then get their own soft tissue work to be done


830am- Breakfast


Our chefs are pretty good, protein pancakes using Grenade Muscle Machine are a firm favourite


9am- Mobility


Following on from the soft tissue work we then try and cement their improved range with movement and mobility exercises. We use like a correction and activation at the same time


10am- Warm up


The bowlers will then go through a RAMP warm up, which stands for Raise (core temperature) Activate (the muscles) Mobilise (the movements) and Potentiate (the muscles ready for bowling). From there they move into bowl throughs


1045- Bit of a pre bowl snack, and some Grenade Defence BCAA

then during the sessions snacking on Grenade Carb Killa bars


1300- Lunch, any mobilisation or soft tissue that needs doing after the morning sessions, then activation and mediball drills 10 mins before afternoon session starts


1540- Tea- Protein Bar or Mix Shake


1800- Game ends.


Warm and cool baths, soft tissue, Grenade Muscle Machine Lean Protein shake


Then repeat the next day


On top of this is the actual overs they are bowling, which can be between 20-30 on a heavy day


And on non bowling days getting the conditioning sessions in


Its certainly a long way away from the village green!


Think differently




p.s. if you fancy a real peek behind the scenes, and programs straight from the pro’s, then get yourself on our membership inner circle here https://www.cricketstrength.com/inner-circle




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